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ITC Master Chef

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ITC Master Chef Chicken Popcorn

These popcorn sized Chicken bites are a delight for the family. Enjoy these anytime snacks with your favourite dip.

How to use?

ITC Master Chef Chicken Popcorn must always be stored in the freezer at temperatures below -18°C. This product does not require thawing, and you can cook it immediately after removing the frozen chicken popcorn from the freezer. ITC Master Chef Chicken Popcorn is a truly versatile product when it comes to preparation. You can choose to cook this frozen chicken popcorn by deep frying, air frying, shallow frying and even baking. Read the pack carefully for more information on how to cook ITC Master Chef Chicken Popcorn. You can serve this delicious, bite-sized appetizer in its original form with your choice of dip, or add the crunchy chicken popcorn to a wrap, roll or even sandwich for an interesting twist.

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